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GSDP / GTNS Entities run by Glen M. Sutphin

I’m a totally independent freelance blogger and accredited press photographer / videographer living in Richmond, VA. .

I accept no funding from big business or political parties. The only sources of income for my blog are small donations from ordinary people who value my work, or it comes out of my own pocket which is more the case. I won't pay Facebook hundreds of dollars per week to get people to follow my page. I rely solely on the quality of my content being good enough that people choose to share it with their friends. I also cover local events and put them up so everyone can see what happened as it happened. I don’t try to slant my articles or say stuff I can’t verify or prove, I try to tell the truth the best I can based on the information I have available to me. I don’t always get it right but more often than not if I’m right there and get it on film I will be as accurate as the film is.


Feel free to check out my blog here:


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